will vomiting make me lose weight quickly?

Asked: will vomiting make me lose weight quickly?

I'm 16 and weigh 80kg i recently gained 15kg because i went into depression loosing all of my friends therefore not going out anymore … so no exersize… i suffer from back pain so running isnt really an option… i also moved with my mother who doesnt buy me good food or give me money so i cant buy anything.. i cant get a job because i dont have a bank account and dont have the nessacery ID to make one so today i started vomiting… i ate rice for dinner which i know is bad so i made myself vomit and am not eating for the rest of the day,,, is there something i can do? help…


Just be careful about doing it too frequently, that's how a lot of young women become pregnant.

obviously do not listen to that other person. Eat healthy and find yourself a job, if you say that you cant you are lying because you can always fond a job at any store. It sounds like you are depressed. But I can tell you are trying to create a sob story. Do not vomit, the acid in your stomach will deteriorate the lining of your throat and slowly disintegrate your teeth. so if you vomit to loose weight, you will be thin but have very bad breath, rotten teeth, and severe acid reflux problems.

The first three paragraphs, while definitely still in the need of edit, was wonderfully attention grabbing. The reader at first thinks of a typical job, and they are brought to believe that your protagonist is your typical Joe, but then their entire concept of the story changes as more description of his job is given. It really works the element of surprise well, and I would keep reading from there.

Your transition into the first scene "However the mark tonight wasn't conscious" was a very well written one, but I feel like the scene itself was a little confusing. Perhaps you could go back over it and revise it to get your idea to the reader clearer. While I love the statement "It was surprising how many people just accept their death once it's happened to them", I feel that the man is too quick to accept his death. Of course, that is just my personal opinion, and you have a much better idea of where your story is going than I do.

Overall, it was very well written, and I would love for you to post updates.

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