why are anorexics so skinny if starving yourself doesnt make you lose weight?

Cindy Issle Asked: why are anorexics so skinny if starving yourself doesnt make you lose weight?

And anorexics who go into recovery, like one girl here said, don't gain the weight back quickly at all. They gain it back very slowly.
If your muscles were "completely destroyed", you would not be alive or able to move. Muscles are NECESSARY for the human body to move and function. And as long as you are USING those muscles, by walking/moving regularly, they remain. Sure they may start to diminish after a while, but that is ONLY after the majority of your fat has been used up for energy. People don't start losing muscle first when they lose weight, they lose FAT first. FAT is the main energy source. FAT is the most readily available. Muscle is the last resort.

just wondering.


you got snail Answered:
I agree. I asked how much weight i would lose fasting for 5 days and all i got was crap about how its bad for you and you only lose muscle. Obviously people lose weight doing it because anorexics are so skinny and stuff, so why people are being so completely oblivious to the subject i dont know.

Crim Liar Answered:
Muscle is unfortunately not the last resort.In everyday use your muscles are being damaged and constantly replaced.If you starve yourself, when muscles are broken down they are used as an energy source and there is nothing in your system to enable them to be rebuilt.

True they are not completely destroyed, and your body is using fat too, but your heart is a muscle, weaken it too much and it will fail.

Nothing is absolute, but I think you need to hunt for some unbiased information on this rather than the pro-ana sites that spout totally ridiculous positives, lies and nothing else.

Oh and by the way, I've been anorexic, it's not a good place to be.

Olideem Answered:
That is not really posed as a question. Often fat is not the most readily available fuel source. Starving yourself for a long amount of time can lead to organ failure. But the most prominent problem is that when you lose weight our more specifically when you lose fat toxins are released into your body as they are stored in your fat. This is why often when tring to lose weight people might feel lethargic out even get sick especially if you have been eating unhealthy upto that point. When you starve yourself your body is already low on energy and your immune system can be very low. A combination of extremely low immune system overworked organs and an influx of toxins and harmful chemicals from the fast loss can lead to long term health problems. It is a very sad issue and I have only spoken about some of the physiologic affects that this could have on our body there is a much more side effects mentally, as often the source is a mental disorder which frequently is a manifested from aphysical and/our mental trauma. I hope I have read your question correctly and helped shed some light onto this issue for you. If not maybe I can learn from what others will say 🙂

Starr Emal Answered:
I'm sorrry most people on this site are rude and tell you you don't know what your doing. I hate when people do that. I think you'll lose about a pound a day at first then it will slow down so I think over all you'll lose about 10 pounds maybe a little more. Good luck with recovery!

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