weight loss, low calorie diet and lipobind after Depo vera!!!?

cheeky Asked: weight loss, low calorie diet and lipobind after Depo vera!!!?

Im 26 5ft 1" and weigh 10 stone 12lbs i was 14 stone after the birth of my daughter in 2008 and had lost the weight just generally eating healthy, in febuary i was really happy weighing just 10st 3lbs and in a perfect size 12 however i had the depo injection and still eating the same have gained 9lbs!!!!
I havent had my second jab but still havent had a period and am finding it sooooo hard to lose the weight ive gained and my target which is 9stone 7lbs.
I was told to do a 1000 calories per day for a couple of weeks, and try lipo bind. Ive tried lipobind before and it did work but i feel stuck.
I have a scan booked this friday to see why my periods arent bk yet as i feel pregnant but im not my tests are negative.
I really want to be at taget by 26.09.2011help me get here pplxx


BulletsBareNoPrejudice Answered:
Obsessed? No. Obsessed people become bulimics and anorexics. Stupid people, mind. My sister was one of them, took her years to get herself right – nearly lost the ability to have children and her life because of being obsessed.

Stupid? Yes. Haven't you heard? Big booty, chunky thighs! That's the new recipe for the perfect woman today. Us men want CURVEESSS. Skinny girls can move to the back of the line, 'cause it's likely we'll break 'em. If i was offered one curvy miss or two skinny girls i'd take the curvy miss straight away – not only cause the two skinny ones if they rub together too fast they might just start a fire.

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