These 3 Weight Loss Myths May Be Dangerous To Your Health

If you browse diet-related publications on a frequent basis, you’re certain to find plenty of recommendations dealing with slimming. A few of these tips actually succeed, and others fail. Those that nearly always fail are those that propose fad diets and fat loss supplements. The particular methods that truly perform for everyone are always uncomplicated: nutritious diet and the right physical exercise. In spite of this, the slimming information mill is ridden with misconceptions together with misleading guidance, and some people are inclined to distort the reality, either due to ignorance or sometimes mainly because they intend to make money from misleading other folks. In this short article I am going to focus on three such weight loss myths.

Myth #1: Spot reduction of excess fat is doable. No, it’s not doable. Dieting authorities recognize this, unanimously. You can’t force your body to get rid of excess fat from targeted areas under any circumstances, no matter what kind of workout routines you do or even contraptions you utilize. If you do only sit ups and leg lifts regularly, intending to reduce belly fat, you will notice that instead of reducing your abdominal fat, you are likely to diminish the muscle mass that exists beneath your abdomen. This is why, your focus mustn’t be on crunches and leg lifts exclusively. It’s also wise to adopt a healthy eating routine that would speed up your metabolic process and help you get rid of fat quickly.

Myth #2: Nothing but cardio exercises will allow you to lose weight. No, and they may well not even be the most suitable option. While it’s a fact that aerobic exercise may help you drop unwanted body fat, it is not correct that this is actually the only form of fat reduction activity available or even the most efficient. Believe it or not, resistance training is better than either cardio workouts or aerobics. Lifting weights not only helps you get rid of fat during your exercise routine, but on top of that, it grows your muscle mass, which then uses up additional energy even when you happen to be resting.

Myth #3: A severe cut in the quantity you eat will reduce extra fat. This is the most serious of the three myths. It’s pushed many a person to the risk associated with crash dieting. People choose to adopt crash dieting with the expectation of shedding unwanted fat very fast, but they don’t realize the fact that crash dieting harms their bodies instead of improving their health. As a matter of fact, when you starve or fast, your body reacts by means of going into starvation mode. It holds back your metabolism and even uses up your muscle tissue instead of excess fat to satisfy your energy requirements. This is the reverse of what you’re looking for. You don’t eliminate a lot of body fat in the least, but you do lose your precious muscle mass. This subsequently lowers your resting metabolic rate even further, meaning that as soon as you resume your prior diet, it will be even easier for you to gain additional weight all over again. This is actually the mechanism associated with yo-yo dieting, to which a lot of people tend to be susceptible. It isn’t healthy for you, neither for the short term or the long run.

I really hope that this commentary has destroyed these dangerous fat loss myths and helped you to understand the real truth. For advice about how to lose weight safely and for a free automated weight loss advisor that computes your own ideal calorie consumption and exercise amount, visit