PCOS drinking body by vi shakes?

Miranda Asked: PCOS drinking body by vi shakes?

I'm 17 recently diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. After gaining 25 pounds without changing diet or workout. I do stuff like run, p90x, insanity. Eating really healthy. I've recently gone paleo, and cut out fruit.. Slow weight loss. Especially when summers a months or so away!!!!! Help. Do you think body by vi would help.


Sara Answered:
I have PCOS too. Have you made sure you looked up the symptoms? You have to be very familiar with them so that if anything comes up in the future you might be able to associate it with your PCOS.

Did your doc put you on Metformin? If not – you need to ask him. Google PCOS, Metformin. It helps regulate your hormones, helps with the insulin resistence, etc.

I lost over a hundred pounds on a low carb diet like atkins. Atkins will help you to lose weight and to discover how many carbs you can eat per day without gaining weight. You start out in phases. The first two weeks you eat 20 carbs, then next two weeks you eat 40 carbs, the next two weeks you eat 60 carbs – and so on until you actually stop losing weight and gain some. Once that happens you know how many carbs you can safely eat without gaining weight and backup to the last two weeks.

Bekah Babin Answered:
For someone your height, your weight is right. Unless you were dangerously over weight, which obviusly you arent, then this should not be a concern on yours. You are doing everything right, so just keep at it. But honestly I wish teenage girls would look away from their shallow ways and stick your face in a book.

Nikkey Answered:
Best thing you can do in the morning which requires like 10 minutes-Jump rope on an empty stomach every morning might sound stupid but its easy and it works.Do 5-8 sets starting off with 20 jumps/each then increase the reps as you see fit.You can't target stomach fat only you will lose fat all over your body but if you want a smaller stomach only just stop eating salt like do not add any salt to your meals and drink more water.Just stop eating salt for 3 days and you will see results :]

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