Okay, so am I overweight? People tell me I’m chubby, but……?

Skye Asked: Okay, so am I overweight? People tell me I’m chubby, but……?

I am 156cm (about 5'1) and weigh about 59kg (about 130lb). All my friends are really skinny, except me. People say I'm a chubby…… Am I overweight? I'm really self conscious, and if I am overweight, I need to lose weight quickly.
By the way, I am 14 years old.


Kellie Answered:
There's a difference between chubby and overweight.. u are perfectly fine the way you are.. im 16 and I weight 125 pounds.. I'm underweight bc I don't really eat anymore bc I don't like the taste of food so much anymore..

Erica N Answered:
That's not overweight. If you want to lose weight and become skinner try exercising ( joining a sport, Zumba, Go the gym, work our videos, ect.) and eat healthy

Jinx N Answered:
I'm about the same height and like 115 lb and I have a bulgy tummy:( I think I'm chubby. It all depends on where your weight is distributed. I need to lose weight too. But it's okay that you're not THAT skinny. You are overweight. But not fat. And that doesn't mean you're not normal. If you like how you look, don't do anything. But always do things for yourself not because others are skinnier. Get me?

Chloe Answered:
your BMI is 24.6 and 25 is overweight, so nope! 🙂

J Answered:
"Chubby" can mean a lot of different things, so that is more for you to decide than others.Also, if your friends are calling you chubby, maybe it's time to find new friends who are more considerate of you and your feelings.If you are looking to lose weight, start going for walks.Eventually turn those walks into jogs and after a little bit more, turn those into runs.Don't worry so much about what other people think of you, (they're usually the one's missing out…not you).

Hope this helps!Merry Christmas!

Goldkins Answered:
Relax, it's ok. I'm pretty sure it's just cause your short for your age. Imagine all your friends being compacted into your size, I'm pretty sure they'll look the same.

Jonathan Saosin Reber Answered:
No, your not too overweight, but hey, your still 14 so as you grow older you lose weight and get taller and
Stuff, work out and eat healthy and you will be skinny or even better as your friends.. I used to weigh 240lb, now I weigh 140lb… Anybody can do it, it takes time and slit if effort, I'm 18 btw

NervouslyInLove13 Answered:
No, Your own perfect weight range for your height is between 105 and 132, so you are not over weight. I have the same issue, i look larger because of the way my bones look. I am perfect weight for my age, and height and so are you. You may be on the heavier side, but you are defiantly not over weight.

Alex Answered:
Don't take this the wrong way at all, but you could stand to lose a little. Don't do a crash diet. That won't get you anywhere. Focus on making small changes. Cut out processed food, soda, basically junk. Replace that with vegetables, fruits, whole intact grains, beans, lean meat, etc. drink lots of water. Get more exercise. You don't even have to make these changes all at once. Start with one or two, and when you master that, add another change. Eat like the thin, healthy person you wish to be. Good luck and remember you are awesome.

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