Is my dog sick? What can I do?

MaximusLuver Asked: Is my dog sick? What can I do?

Im 15 and I dont know much about animals but I own two cats and we are very strict about them being indoors and getting their medicine, etc so they are extremely healthy! My uncle is moving out from my grandparents house so they are having me watch their weiner dog, Yoda, a lot. She used to be skinny but they over fed her a lot so she got very fat and not very active. For a couple years theyve been feeding her special weight loss food and they give her certain amounts and shes lost quite a bit of weight but its still…you know…and She only goes outside to go to the bathroom. She doesnt like walks because they never walked her when she was young…I think she might be sick because well shes not too old but shes not exactly young either…she was born with problems such as poor eyesight and hearing. But im mainly worried because she has like sores and stuff under her arms? I think its from the skin rubbing against it so much? And her nose is very dry and cracked and its a bit discolored like yellowish mostly on the top and side of her nose and the inside of one nostril is really mucisy (sp?) and sticky? They dont clip her nails and her pads are kindof rough and scabby…they pretty much NEVER bathe her…i always do it but im not over all the time so…im not sure if shes sick but if she is…what can i do?? My grandparents believe shes fine…is there anything i can do…? Maybe some sort of home remedy to help her get some ease…? Im just so lost right now :/ i feel so bad…


Kyle E Answered:
She's not getting enough exercise each day. Try to play with her.

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