I’m 5’8 and weigh 178 pounds how can I lose weight quickly?

Soniaa Asked: I’m 5’8 and weigh 178 pounds how can I lose weight quickly?

My family and specially my sisters say that I'm "big bone" and that how is my body is"big", that i can't lose more weight. I run 2 times a week for 35 mins and , im in my second week of insanity. I eat healthy and I can't lose weight. I'm starting to believe im hopeless. I want to get to 160 is my goal. My family and friends say im not fat, that im just big and they don't believe i weight that much.But seriously I weight 178 and I AM fat. One of my sister says that i wont be able to lose more fat because i am a big bone girl. I am 20 now and i want to look good in a bikini for summer. Do you think they are right and that i wont be able to reach my goal? what can i do?:/


Daniel Answered:
fast like a muslim

Ruby Answered:
read about it here
open the fifth and sixth brown link
there for detail info bit.ly

Rocky156 Answered:
To know if you are big boned, take your thumb and middle finger of one hand and wrap it around a the wrist of another hand. if your fingers overlap you are small boned. if your fingers touch at the tips you are medium boned. if theres a gap between your fingers then you are large boned.having big bones does not affect how much Fat is on your body. it only effects your weight, so you could be skinny but weigh more then someone who has more fat then you but small bones, because they have small bones. So, your family is wrong. There is a point you can get to where you cannot lose more weight from being big boned, but you can still have NO fat on you at all. So, they are not right and you need to work hard and eat right to reach your goal. Just keep up Insanity and running, and eat healthy.

Muah Answered:
i honestly don think an hour of running over an entire week is even near enough exercise. your not burning more calories than you eat at that rate. try running every day or every other day if you can 🙂 oh and dont worry about being big boned cause im small boned and 5'1 and i feel like a runt so just be glad your tall

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