I’m 13 and fat how do I lose weight?

Melissa Asked: I’m 13 and fat how do I lose weight?

I weigh 200 pds and I need to lose alot quickly. Please dont judge me. Help me


sean Answered:
You know the answer to this.. so why post the question?

Cut down on food, exercise.

Grow up, your 13 now.. Go out side and get healthy, Its not up to anyone else now

stephanie Answered:
I'm almost 15 an weigh the exact same. It's tough 🙁 and believe me I know it sucks.
If you have an itouch/ IPhone look up in the app store MyFitnessPal.
Best app ever! I'm down to 193 but if you don't stick to it, it does get hard :/
It's all about exercising and cutting down calories

Moe Answered:
If you have a smart phone or iPod Touch, download the app called "ifitnesspro" it's free and works great.

Joey B Answered:
Dont listen to that bulimia person hes just an ***… Kid i struggled with being large to being bulimic is not the way to go trust me bulimia causes alot of problems i used to weigh 260 pounds and wear a size 42 pants now im wearing size 38's with a belt and i weigh 225 pounds part of the reason i dropped so much weight is because i also struggle with depression and quit eating that also isnt the way to go that can cause many health problems also. What you can do is watch what you eat and just stay active do chores around the house walk and everything as long as your moving your losing weight… dont eat to much dont eat to little and stay active dont sit around on video games or stuff like that

WeridoGal34 Answered:
Don't worry I don't judge you.
Try to exercise at least daily, two-three days a week.
Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Like example Instead of having a cheese burger try to have veggie sandwich with turkey patty (make sure it's grilled not fried)
But you need nurtionist cuz they will help you lose weight, I hope it helps 🙂

Samanta Answered:
Ok well i suggest to start eating healthy first, eg. swap maybe 5 pizzas to 2 with a salad on the side
Then gradually start walking….walk at a fast pace for 30 seconds then jog for 20 and keep doing rotations similar to that.
You can go on a weight loss program like weight watchers or you can get weight loss books which will give you daily exercises and healthy recipes.
stick to a program and you CAN do it! 🙂

Ash Answered:
what an idiot, telling a 13 year old to grow up, sure why not tell her to get a job whilst your at it, maybe start paying taxes, and find a way to vote, no excuse lol sweetherat the key to anyone reaching any health goal through exericse and diet, is making sure it's kept enjoyable. Most people start off with high hopes and go at it full out, because they don't understand that the body and brain can't change gears as fast as their mind just did, so start with a slow and steady approach, looking at the long term of things, let the habit develop, this takes a minimum of six weeks. No secret formulas, pills, shakes or diet foods, just reasonable portions of healthy foods, and a 5 day a week exercise ( start with something simple and as you feel comfortable slowly increase the difficulty or time, 45 mins a day is your goal but there's no hurry to hit that goal remember,still keeping it enjoyable is the most important part Start your day with oatmeal, some juice, and an egg or two, go ahead and eat the yolk, it's healthy, contrary to what the average person believes or thinks they know. The oatmeal is a great food, it will give you energy through out the day and keep cravings away. You want to have a small snack at brunch, some fruit is ideal, an apple, a big handful of grapes, a bannna, again energy and keeping your blood sugar even ( you won't crave junk food), then a decent lunch veggies, sides or salad, with protien ( beef, fish, chicken)
Dinner basically the same, but just like with exercise your diet must be enjoyable so mix it up. Then if needed a light snack no sooner then an hour before bed, but the important part is making it a protien based snack, beef, fish, chicken, turkey is great for sleeping, this again will keep your blood sugar more stable which will give you better/more deep sleep, as well as feed your muscle ( your getting protien through out the day if you notice) that's to keep your muscle up, your major calorie burners. You can walk, bike, swim, any thing you enjoy, set a time, each day and a time amount your going for or distance, and keep it fun. Each day will get you more ready for the next, and in the time it takes your mind to develope the habit, your brain and body will have caught up, your entire system will slowly be improving again each day giving your more energy and motivation to reach your goals. Yes you will still have days where you don't feel like exercising, or that it's doing anything, I've been a training partner for the largest bodybuilders in the area, and have found we all have days no matter how much we've accomplished, where we just don't feel enough, but you'll see those will be the few, the days you feel great about yourself will be the Many! Just give it time, your still plenty young, you can make major changes in your life through doing this right. Best Wishes!

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