How to lose a lot of weight fast?

Asked: How to lose a lot of weight fast?

I'm not too heavy at all, but I really want to be very slim, much like a model. But more importantly I want to be able to keep this weight off, not gain a lot back quickly. I also want to be healthy. I want to lose weight in the following places:

Butt, thigh
Love handle (muffin top)

I want my legs to be this thin, with the rest of my body being that slim too:

Please help thank you! Don't post answers saying I'm fine the way I am, no one likes those people and you're not helping me. Only post answers if you know they work! I want to lose weight really fast too, so keep that in mind! Thanks!


Girl, I feel the same way. I've been going cardio and Tae Bo. You can try that.

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