How do you lose weight easily and quickly?

Asked: How do you lose weight easily and quickly?

There is no such thing as losing weight quickly. But you can lose weight by counting calories and walking everyday. Its hard to say how many calories you should eat and how much you should walk because you didnt give us any information about your body. I started working out 4 weeks ago and walked 20 minutes everyday and ate no more then 2000 calories for three weeks and then no more th en 1800 calories on my fourth week. It is now my 5th week and I've lost 20 pounds. But I'm extremely over weight so it kind of melts right off me. So I'm going to suggest eating no more then 1500 calories a day and walking 20 minutes every single day and you should lose weight. No need for a killer 1-2 hour work out if your not used to it because you will burn yourself out. If you already work out say 30 minutes a day, then bump it up to 35. I was just giving a rough estimate for you. Good luck!! Have fun at your prom 😀


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