How do I get rid of stretch marks quickly?

Chelsea Asked: How do I get rid of stretch marks quickly?

I lost weight quickly and I have stretch marks on my hips. They've been there for about a year, but they've faded to a white color with a pinking tint. Not much different from my skin color, but still noticeable. I just figured they'd go away on their own. But I have to wear a bathing suit in 16 days and I was wondering if there was a fast way to get rid of them?


Don Answered:
read about it here
open the first and fifth orange link
there for detail info

Reba Answered:
There are some fast acting scar creams that help get rid of stretch marks. You can find them in stores as simple as Walmart.

Budgies2Cute Answered:

Ceara Answered:
Vitamin E oil and Cocoa butter are two of the best methods for scarring/stretch marks! It usually takes up to a week, use either one twice daily. I promise it works, and you will have great results! Good luck!

Rivka Answered:
I suggest TRY Scarxus!
I use it 7 weeks, my stretch mark was COMPLETELY gone!
you can get From Google Search Scarxus Official site.
Hope it works for you.

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