How do anorexics lose weight so quickly?

Asked: How do anorexics lose weight so quickly?

i have been eating only about 600-800 calories everyday since the begenning of september and i have only lost 13 pounds. why?


Genetics. Some people can lose weight with no problem and in short amounts of time yet some people find losing weight rather difficult because the process is slower.

…you do not state your age or sex, that will effect your speed of weight loss.Severely cutting cals is not the best way to drop weight…..a mix of "real exercising" and calorie reduction ( this means breaking into a mean sweat &eating the good, boring stuff….not just switching to diet coke and small fries ) will get healthily long lasting results.And Anorexia is NOT eating at all…..starving.It is also called dieing…..

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