How can I lose weight quickly?

Asked: How can I lose weight quickly?

Whenyou are losingweight,you should exercise and diettogether.
Ifyou exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite,which
willleadtoincreaseofweight, or muscle grow
underneaththefatlayer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without
exercising,youwillbecomeflabbyand will have excess skin. For
diet,gowheatfree.No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
after7p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
yourinitialweight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If
youdon'teatwheat then you don't eat all those sticky, fatty goey
cakes,youdon't eat junk food, and you don't eat biscuits. But your
dietisstillbalanced.Itcostsnothing, and you do not have to
calculatepointsortobuy special meals or plans. For exercising,
start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the
most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever. If you are overweight a
lot,walkfirstor you may have health complications (heart attack,
disjointedbones and so on). Weight lifting is a good means to target
your problem areas for men and women. It's not necessarily to become a
bodybuilder or even join a gym – a couple of dumbbells will help you
to target your problem areas (stomach, butt, legs, arms, chest).


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