Help with weightloss?

Asked: Help with weightloss?

If you're going to lecture me in your response don't waste your time. I am well over 21, recognize the complications of my habits and am actively changing them.

Okay so this last year I struggled quite a bit with functioning alcoholism and because of it I gained 20 pounds. I am currently taking pragmatic steps to cutting back – I used to drink everynight but every new week I cut back one night. I am currently on four nights a week and doing well with this program.

I am not (nor have I ever been) a real athlete but next week I want to implement a daily work out program, Two weeks ago I completely rearranged my diet as well, eating 1,000-1,200 calories a day, most of it being fruits, vegetables, eggs, a lean meat like chicken and fish and drinking so much water it's not even funny. I am also taking prenatal vitamins. I know I prolly won't see drastic results until I'm down to 1-2 times a week of drinking but everyday I plan to go for a minimum of a two mile walk (at a faster pace), do 50 sit-ups, and perhaps dance to my music if I'm feeling up to it. How fast will I see results if I do this? Does anyone have any weight loss help tips?

With this regimen and my diet how fast will I see results? Does anyone have any tips?


all those things should help. it took me about a 5 wks to notice a difference but i only had 12 lbs to lose n i don't drink. i downloaded the myfitness app on my cell n thats how i count calories. u can eat less n count your beer or wine into it to stay under the 1200 calories. you should still lose weight. hope you can drop the drinking addiction n replace it with losing weight. i know im getting a bit hooked on it. so much better then the meth i used to do

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