Getting back in shape for college students?

Asked: Getting back in shape for college students?

I'm 20 years old and just finishing up my second year of my undergrad career in college. I was extremely athletic in high school, I played several varsity sports, and was is great shape. I was about 5 ft 8 inches tall and 150lbs when i graduated. I'm still the same height, but now weigh about 165. I haven't really been eating too well or exercising enough since I've gotten to college. I have just been super busy between classes, working part time, and my campus involvement positions. I really want to lose some of this weight, especially around my stomach area over the summer. My summerschedule is only slightly less demanding than my schedule is during the year, so any advice to quickly/efficiently lose this weight would be most appreciated!


Hi there I really think Yoga is the best thing you could do as it works everywhere including the stomach area. Hope that helps & best of luck to you.

Start by eating healthier in general. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables, and switch to brown products (wheat bread, brown rice, etc.) When you go out to eat, order a salad instead of french friends and whatnot. Make an effort to do some form of exercise every day. Go on a short walk, get some home workout videos, swimming, jogging, etc. Just change up little things. 15 pounds really isn't that much, so it should be too hard to lose. Just make some simple changes to your diet and try to fit in some fitness.

If you have a device that allows you to have apps, download Myfitnesspal and it will get you set on track, I promise. That thing's amazing. You can choose to gain weight, stay the same, or lose weight. You don't have to workout, it's mostly about food, but working out is good for you as well.

I will explain it to you from my own experience: When I got the app, it made me plug in things like my height, weight, age, gender, etc. With this information, it calculated that I was supposed to get 2,175 calories a day. I wanted to lose weight. It gives me 4 options-lose 1 pound a week, 1 and a half pounds a week, 2, or 2 and a half. I choose 2. Then it says-okay, you're only going to eat 1,200 calories a day. (Which I found was actually way more food than I thought.) So every time I eat, I log it. and after every time I log it tells me how many more calories I can eat in a day.

Working out is a good idea too, however, if you ate a chocolate chip cookie that was 200 calories and wanted to burn it off, you could do that easily by just skipping out on 200 calories one day. But you would have to run 3 miles just to burn off that one chocolate chip cookie.

Now, if you're going to diet like that, make sure your body doesn't "adjust". Because then it will adjust to your habits and not allow you to lose weight from it anymore. You can do this by either exercising or making sure you eat the bulk of your calories at breakfast and spreading all of your meals out over the day very well. These things help raise your metabolism.

The first step to losing weight especially around the stomach area is DIET! You can go and build muscle all you want but that's not necessarily going to burn all the fat from the specific area. Have a good diet, preferably low-fat, low-carb and high protein. Lots of protein before and after you workout/do a sport, and make sure to eat fruits and vegetables. I'm sure if you go to a local gym they can tell you which classes they offer and research a few that are good for burning fat and involve lots of sweating! Running for one is very good, make sure you breath into your stomach instead of your lungs. Going to the gym and doing ab exercises/core exercises is also very good. I personally do mma, muay thai and brazillian jiu-jitsu and there's a ton of core involved in that, it keeps me very fit and healthy! Staying in shape begins with a good diet (:

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