Did your breasts go back to normal after pregnancy and breast feeding?

Cassidy Asked: Did your breasts go back to normal after pregnancy and breast feeding?

I'm sorry if this is too personal of a question. I'm just wondering if they return to normal after you go through pregnancy and breast feeding and all that because sometimes you see women who had babies totally get their original figure back pretty quickly and others don't. If your breasts get really big and saggy then, do they stay saggy when you lose the weight? They do still stay up a cup size or so, right? Do you get stretch marks on them?

I'm also asking this because one of my friends really wants a breast augmentation. She's only 17. I said that when she gets pregnant and all that her breasts will get bigger on their own. I know my mom gained a lot of weight while pregnant with my sister. She still hasn't lost most of it, but she's in her 40s and she's not that active, so I don't think the rebound time is as fast.

If you don't want to tell me about your own experience, just in general info would be good.


Jan Answered:
Her breasts will get bigger with pregnancy.If she gets implants, it may interfere with nursing and also if they will look even after pregnancy.the size can increase between 1-3 cup sizes on average.

Breasts after pregnancy can be saggy if you don't wear a VERY supportive bra.I was told by a wise woman to wear a supportive bra 24/7 and after 4 sons and nursing them, my breasts haven't suffered one bit:)I still look like I did before I was pregnant, but much bigger.

girl Answered:
I remember after I gave birth to my son, my breasts got absolutely huge for the first week. I was just shocked lol. But that is because my milk supplement was kicking in making them larger than normal.

They did go down after about a week or so, and now (23 months later) my breasts are a little larger than pre-pregnancy. They are the same consistency firmness wise, they didn't sag at all, and I have no stretch marks on them. I was a small C cup before my pregnancy, and now they are slightly fuller…still a C cup, but a larger C. If that makes sense!

It really does vary from person to person, but in general your breasts will be larger at first after the baby is born, and after breastfeeding, or not using up your milk they stay a little bigger than pre-pregnancy.

Take care!

pennypincher Answered:
Mine went back to the original size, but they were saggy.I had gone from a 36B to a 38DD and back again.

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