Can Naked brand juice be used for a juice fast?

Canadian Asked: Can Naked brand juice be used for a juice fast?

I want to go on a juice fast, both for health and weight loss and I wanted to know if drinking Naked juice for the duration (10 days) would be an acceptable alternative to drinking fresh juice.

Fresh is better, but I don't have the time to make juices for every meal. I like the variety of mixes naked has, as well as the bottles of juice costing less than buying fresh fruit and veggies everyday would.

Will Naked provide adequate nutrients, especially if coupled with a multivitamin?

Yay or nay?

*posted in diet and fitness but no one answered in a day.


Ai Answered:
Yes, it's 100% fruit juice usually… but they do add sugar and other things in most flavours. Maybe do half fresh juice and half Naked. You'll have enough nutrients, especially if you take the protein machine one.. but just remember that if you're going to buy juice rather than squeeze fruit yourself, it will probably have more sugar in it.

Rock Answered:
drinking anything while naked is always an attractive alternative!

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