Am I safely losing weight, while breastfeeding?

Asked: Am I safely losing weight, while breastfeeding?

I am 2 months postpartum, 129 lbs and 5'0 tall. My goal is to be back at my original size, 110 lbs and drop 2 pants sizes. So my plan is to consume 1200 calories a day and eat oatmeal each morning and maybe try out some mothers milk tea for milk production. I want to do 30 mins of fast walking outside and 30 mins to an hour of cardio. Is this safe, while breastfeeding? If not,any tips on weight loss postpartum?


1200 calories is way too low while breastfeeding…

Here's a link to a website that gives you calorie intake requirements for your specific size in order to only eat calories needed and not over consume..

No it's not safe at all. You need about 2000-2200 calories a day while bfing. It is a natural calorie burner, you can burn on average 500 calories per day bfing. You will lose the weight and it will be slow but it happens. I've been breast feeding for 7 months now and I'm still losing weight.

those are way too few calories if you are breastfeeding. You must remember that it took you 9 months to loose the weight and you should allow that long to get back to your normal size.

you generally want to add at least 500 extra calories to your diet while breastfeeding, and 1200 is the absolute minimum that anyone should be eating while living a mostly sedentary lifestyle, but if you're going to be exercising as well you should have even more. You should probably be eating close to 2000 calories. If you won't be exercising, then you could eat about 1700, but exercising will help you lose that weight faster.

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