3 Ballerina Tea for weight loss?

Asked: 3 Ballerina Tea for weight loss?

I started eating healthy and working out in May and then I was 148. I'm now 134 and I've been this weight for three weeks, even though I continue eating healthy and even though I still work out, constantly adding intensity and such. Will this tea help me get back on track? Nothing I do is helping me continue losing weight. This plateau has lasted long enough. Please comment!


Krazy K Answered:
You can run everyday, if you feel well enough to do so. You just have to gage yourself. Most people only run three to four times a week. For me, I got the runner's high initially, like you now. I loved the way running felt. I would go out for runs 1-2 times everyday, but then I got plantar fasciitis really bad from running so much and had to lay off running for two weeks until it healed.

So, now I only run three days a week and am training for a half-marathon. The other four days I use to strength train and cross train.

Running is excellent for weight loss. You burn about 100 calories or more every mile you run. Also, I would suggest doing weights to get that overall "healthy" feeling. You'll lose weight from running, but you'll also become more built and toned if you combine it with weights and strength training at least once or twice a week.

All in all, just go for how you feel. If you want to run everyday, go ahead. Just be conscious of yourself and your health!

Wants to snowboard Answered:
You could do it everyday, but take occassional breaks in your new running routine

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