Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Hello and welcome to the website that will help you get on your way to Losing Weight the Healthy Way.  This website is for everyone who needs to lose a few pounds, or simply wants to look and feel better about themselves and their health.  There are some great articles, videos and even products that will help you on your way.  If you have questions, please don’t  hesitate to ask.

Lose Weight Healthy – First Steps

One of the first things to do is let those legs work for you and get walking! Even after a woman has a child, most doctors recommend some form of exercising and nothing is easier than walking. Walking on a daily basis as a brisk pace or even at a leisurely pace is a great way to keep the body moving and the body’s ligaments and muscles working and moving. Staring with short distances and shorter times and gradually working up to a longer time and distance is best.

Lose Weight Healthy – Get Moving

By adding cardio exercises to your daily routine you will lose weight the healthy way. To successfully lose weight, you have to add some sort of cardio to your daily routine. Some examples of good cardio exercises are walking, dancing, and running and jogging. About 30 minutes of this a day, 5 days a week is what is needed to lose weight and keep it off.

For moms who have had children, crunch your abs! Pregnancy can do a job on the abdominal musclesLose Weight the Healthy Way and most moms find that they have a lot of loose flab around the area where the baby used to be. About 20 minutes a day of crunches will get the tummy back in the shape it was before.

To lose weight the healthy way, many changes can be made in ones diet. Believe it or not, adding foods into your diet plan instead of taking them away works best. Tossing in some grapes, peas, fruits and vegetables into the lunch sack will help keep up weight by eating better foods and having them hand.

Lose Weight Healthy – Eat Less

Cutting back foods tends to make one feel bad, but by just switching to lower calorie foods of the ones you want most will help. Try using some low-fat cheese on that pizza, or leave the toppings of your favorite type of ice cream. These till trim the calories and fat.

Lose Weight Healthy – Get Your Fiber

Fiber is essential for weight loss because it helps you feel fuller longer. Adding some wheat flour or red bell peppers on a pizza is a great way to add fiber.

Lose Weight Healthy – Watch What You Drink

A definite way to drop some pounds is by switching up what you drink. Instead of diet soda and beer or high calorie juices, try some flavored water or add seltzer to your drinks for pizzazz and taste. Water is great and has not a single calorie and is very filling.

Lose Weight Healthy – Share Your Food

Sharing meals when you go out to eat is a convenient and fast way to drop some pounds. Cutting your meal in half by sharing it with a partner or child will cut your calorie intake in half!

There are many more methods for weight loss, but following the ones above will give you a great jump-start to weight loss.

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